Music to my ears

I struggle sometimes with getting real estate agents to understand what my company can do for them.  In case you are reading my blog for the first time, Virtually Closed assists real estate agents on their transactions from contract to closing. Oh yeah and you may also want to know that they can hire us for FREE!  With that being said,  agents often say ” I’m not that busy”, ” I don’t really need an assistant” or ” What do you do”?

With frustrations building, a dear friend of mine found an article on the Realtormag web site ( and passed along this wonderful article to me.  It provided that glimmer of hope that I needed the day she stumbled across it.

The entire article is great, but #5 is music to my ears!  I hope you find interest in the article as well as my business.

Just remember, we are virtual, we offer assistance with the contract to close duties and are free to real estate agents!

5. I can’t afford to hire an assistant, spend money on marketing, hire a coach, and so on. As long as you continue to look at the cost of such services instead of the value they can bring back, you will continue to tell yourself this lie. Cost is what you pay for something, while value is what you get in return. Even if you started with a virtual assistant who automated your marketing efforts that cost you $300 per month but made you $30,000 in the next 12 months… Was it worth it? One of my coaching students e-mailed me last week and told me how he followed one of our marketing campaigns and picked up five listings in one week. Do you think he was telling himself that he spent too much on coaching at that point? Yes, you may need to be smart about it and start small, but the best businesses invest in themselves in order to get greater returns.


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Not ready to commit to a full time assistant?

Are you a real estate agent that feels overwhelmed with not having enough time in the day to do everything on your list?

  • Did you call back all of your clients?
  • Did you make time to call FSBO’s?
  • Did you make time to call expired listings?
  • Did you follow up on your current properties that are under contract?
  • Did you follow up to see if escrow was received?
  • Did you order inspections?
  • Did you get Association docs and applications?
  • Did you make sure your deadlines have been met on your current contracts?
  • Did you do everything on your “to do” list?

There are many reasons realtors run out of time and do not finish their “to do” list, but that is where we come in!

Virtually Closed can be your contract to close coordinator on your transactions! By hiring Virtually Closed to oversee what you already have in the pipeline allows you more time to get new clients, work on your marketing campaigns or follow up with your client’s that are ready to buy and/or sell.

What Virtually Closed Can Do For You!

We can be your assistant for as little as $5.50 a DAY or at no cost to you!

Offer piece of mind that a true professional is overseeing your file!

Provide you the freedom to do INCOME producing activities! SELL, SELL, SELL!!!

Provide you with the guarantee we don’t call in sick, we don’t ask for a raise, we don’t request for time off!

Communicate with your clients; if you’re with other clients, we are AVAILABLE to answer their questions!

We will call the associations and obtain all the docs, applications, Rules and Regulations, Q & A, etc.

We will obtain escrow letters, ensure inspections are done, loan officers are on time, title is ready to close, review HUD’s, make sure your commission is correct!


Call us today so we can start making you more money!

You can hire an assistant for as little as $5.50 a day!


When you hire Virtually Closed as your contract to close coordinator we get paid a flat fee!  Our standard fee is $250.00 and on average it takes 45 days to close a transaction, that means you can have your very own assistant for $5.50 a day!  For those that are saying they close most of their deals in 30 days then you can have an assistant for as little as $8.33 a day.  If you were to hire a full time employee you would most likely be paying $10.00 an hour, 40 hours a week; which is $400.00 a week! Plus you will have to worry about your employee calling in sick, leaving early or requesting time off. With Virtually Closed you do not have to worry about all the things that a full time employee will want. We are virtual and mobile and I can guarantee you will always be able to get in touch with us!

What is Virtually Closed?

Virtually Closed is a company that assists real estate agents on their transactions, in other words a contract to close coordinator!  We will oversee and communicate with all parties involved in the real estate transaction.  This means once an agent has a property under contract we will get introduced as your assistant.  We will make sure deadlines are met, escrow is delivered, inspections are done and while we are handling your pending transactions you can be out selling real estate!

Many agents like to be in control which is natural of course, but agents are loosing out on income because they are dealing with non-income producing activities such as following up on the delivery of escrow.  By allowing someone else to handle these details for you, you can have more time to show properties, go on listing appointments and focus on getting new clients!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that our fee goes directly on the HUD and we never touch your commission!